Why Do Men Chase Women and Then Change When Women Show Interest? Here is the Reason Why

How many times have you seen a man chase you until you have yielded and yielded to him? But how often have you seen the same guy dig his heels and run away or disinterested completely when you turned around and showed him interest? If this is what happened and you want to know why, read on and find out the reason behind such behavior.

It is an evaluation process
Men are very strange creatures. They chase you until they have you and then turn their backs on you because they have an evaluation process. 9 times out of 10 women do not pass this test and men pass to the next girl.

Things don’t seem so exciting anymore
As a relationship progresses, they know each other very much. But what was extremely exciting at the beginning due to its novelty gradually begins to lose its charm and, therefore, no longer seems so exciting. Therefore, he loses interest once he shows interest in him.

They don’t know what to do with their instinct ‘hunter’
Men would like to believe they are hunters and, like all games, the excitement is in the chase. While this attitude of the caveman must be left in the caves, unfortunately it is not and they abandon you or lose interest in you when the persecution ends.

They are afraid of privacy
Men also lose interest in you once you show interest because they fear intimacy and commitment. No matter how wonderful a relationship is and how great both are, most men fear becoming a ‘couple’. The moment he shows interest in him, the big C gets big and starts to fear the worst.

The relationship becomes rancid
Another reason why men lose interest in you when you show interest in them is because they feel that the relationship has become obsolete. Your boy sees your participation as a coup d’etat and doesn’t know where to go or what to do from there. Once the pattern of the relationship is established, he begins to find it boring and his participation annoying.

The variety stops
Men do not want to be tied and their interest in it means they will not be allowed to choose. That reduces the choice of variety and that is not acceptable.

The change from great to good to ordinary
When he loves you more than you love him, sex is great. As you get involved and the relationship evolves, sex, for him, goes from great to good. And finally, when he sees that you are interested in him, sex goes from good to good. That is a reason for him to want a change.

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