Why Do Women Lose Interest All Of A Sudden? Learn The Top 3 Reasons Here

Why do women suddenly lose interest? Did he suddenly become cold and distant with you, after what seemed to be the great beginning of a great relationship? These are the 3 main reasons why women lose interest in a relationship, and what you MUST do about it!

Reason # 1 – She is getting bored

In the first weeks of any relationship, everything is exciting. Everything they do together is new and fun. And it is not difficult to keep a woman interested in you.

But then, when everything is established in a predictable relationship routine, it is when women can get bored. They may begin to think that you are a “single-handed pony”, with nothing more to show. And this can make you look for your fun elsewhere!

So do yourself a favor: don’t show all your tricks at once and don’t let the relationship become a boring and predictable routine. Keep things fresh and keep trying new things with her. Remember, you are the leader of the relationship, take charge!

Reason # 2 – You grew up unattractive

Of course, men are much more visually stimulated than women. But that doesn’t mean that women don’t appreciate good looks either! And sometimes, when you don’t take care of your physical appearance, women tend to think that you are no longer the man they fell in love with.

So check your physical attractiveness. Did you gain weight? Did you skip this month’s haircut? Is your sense of fashion caught in the 80s? Find fast and cheap ways to update your appearance and fashion sense, and exercise for at least an hour every day to keep fit!

Reason # 3 – There is a problem that has not yet been resolved

Did he catch you cheating? Did he catch you sniffing around his belongings? Did you offend her or any of her loved ones? Did you have any recent arguments?

These situations are mostly harmless if they are addressed and resolved quickly. But when they are left unsolved, and when they are left suppurating, they become a poison in the relationship. That is why it is better to solve problems quickly, or else your relationship will be affected from the inside!

Talk calmly about the subject and prepare to apologize if necessary. If she really loves you, she will solve the problem and become a good and supportive bride again.

These are just some of the reasons why women lose interest in a relationship. If you want to learn more about how women act, think and feel when they are in love, visit the links below!

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