Finding MP3 Files Online – What Is Legal Tubidy?

Napster is a name that many people don’t know. It originated from a teenage idea. This changed the way the Internet, music industry and consumers perceive online music. Young men’s innovative ideas gave meaning to the phrase “intellectual Property” and have made it a household name. Shawn Fanning, 18 years old, created the code for the utility “Napster” (the nickname Shawn Fanning gave to his hair). The program combined three important functions into one: a search engine for MP3 files only; file trading to trade MP3 directly; and Internet Relay chat (IRC), which allows users to chat with others MP3 users while online. He downloaded the beta version from immediately and it quickly became one of the most downloaded programs on the site.

Napster’s MP3 files were stored on the machines of users, not one large central computer. This new method was known as “peer-to peer sharing”, or P2P. Each song that was downloaded by someone else, which could be located anywhere in this world. The only requirement for file sharing or transfer was that Napster (an utility) be installed on each computer. These MP3 file files, which were downloaded into each PC for listening, can then be transferred onto MP3 players like the Zen Micros or the iPods.

This program became very popular thanks to its ability to instantly download music online instead of buying a CD. But neither the music industry nor the artists or the song writers could get paid for their songs. It was a disaster for the music industry that thousands of songs with copyright were available to be downloaded free of charge. Napster was banned from around 40% of US colleges when it was found to be illegal. Its biggest user were college students. The reason was that college students like technology more than other students. Additionally, universities and colleges provide college students with high-speed Internet. was sued because it did not provide copyrighted materials for students to download online. They were also paying royalties on every sale Tubidy.

All sides were interested in the Napster suit. It is important that everyone who has bought or is planning to buy an MP3 player follows the rules. You can legally download song files by following these song rules, which are available on the Internet.

1. In the public domain

2. Uploaded by artists looking to get more exposure

3. A CD that is released by record companies to promote their products.

4. Site pays the artist or record label for the right of downloading.

The original Napster was successfully demolished by the media companies in 2002. However, its service was taken over by AOL Yahoo and Microsoft. They have instant-messenger products that allow users to share music files, photos, and more with their friends. Sony also distributes some of their music via ScourExchange.